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MirrorMoon EP is a space exploration game, "A Game about Mysteries in Space," from Santa Ragione[1]. You find yourself alone, drifting through space, at the helm of a ship capable of travelling at speeds measured in parsecs per seconds, with no knowledge of where you are or how to fly the ship. And these are but the beginnings of the mysteries you must solve.

About MirrorMoon EP and This WikiEdit

MirrorMoon EP is, according to Santa Ragione, "A Game about Mysteries." They should know, as it is their game, and the whole point of mysteries is that they should remain mysterious until solved by a sleuth with great talents for observation and deduction. A sleuth such as yourself.

The goal of this wiki, therefore, is not to give you a walkthrough of the methods of discovery, or overly precise descriptions of places and things you may encounter, but rather to give a rather vague tour of situations that you will eventually encounter, and to answer certain simple questions that have troubled and frustrated many a player, resulting in discussion boards teeming with non-answers, incorrect answers, and even the occasional answer to those questions. 

None of the information given within this wiki is definitive. It is not known for certain, for example, that Side A cannot be explored to greater than 95% completion. If a credible example of a higher degree of completion is uncovered, this will eventually be reflected in that entry.

Where to BeginEdit

  • The Bridge — What? A bunch of dead displays and one measly button! How am I supposed to fly a ship with one lousy button?
  • Side A — Side A of what? Planets have sides? Or is Side A the name of this strange red planet upon which I have landed ... materialized ... somehow mysteriously appeared?

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